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What more can we say about Ibiza & Formentera that hasn’t been written about before?

We can’t think of anything new or different, but what we can say is that they look amazing “Desde El Aire” or ‘From The Air’ in English. In December 2017 and January 2018 one of our pilots enjoyed two quick trips with his DJI Mavic Pro in his suitcase. He explored some of the amazing spots and beaches the island has to offer, and with no people around!

Check out the video.

Everybody knows that Ibiza & Formentera are a very popular tourist destination in the summer. Its beautiful beaches and hidden coves, its crystal clear water and its famous nightlife make it a very special place. All this, together with the warm Mediterranean temperatures, make it unique.

But in the winter? Well, obviously, things change a little bit. Walking around in boardshorts or a bikini is not recommended and the dips in the sea are just for the brave or those who own a good wetsuit. But the nice thing is all those lovely beaches and coves are free of people, making it possible to enjoy the beauty of these places to the full.
That’s what our pilot did, taking aerial videos and pictures and soaking up the crisp fresh sea air. We must say it is really amazing to see the natural beauty of these island without the massification of tourism.

So, what’s your favourite place to visit in the off-season?



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  • Hi,

    I love your photos, specially the ones from above on the beach! How do you do to create such vibrant colors?!! What settings do you use on your drone and inpost-prod? Thanks a lot for your answer guys!

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