We have various professional drone models which adapt perfectly to various budgets and quality requirements.


The new Inspire 2 perfectly combines the maneuverability of smaller drones and the image quality similar to professional cinema cameras. With a maximum flight speed of 94 km/h and its X5S camera with a 4/3” sensor capable of filming in 5.2K RAW the results are just spectacular. It is also possible to exchange the camera lens to perfectly adapt to the shooting requirements. It is by far our most versatile drone perfect in almost any situation. The flight time is around 20-25 minutes.


Through our external collaborators we also offer this perfect cinema aerial platform. It is the best option for extreme highquality TV and cinema shoots. Thanks to its Ronin MX gimbal almost any camera can be mounted onto it, such as the RED dragon, the Arri Alexa Mini or any kind of DSLR camera. As it is 100% universal it is totally adaptable to any situation. Its flight time varies between 10 -25 minutes depending on which camera is mounted onto it.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Desde El Aire


The DJI MAVIC 2 PRO is an awesome allrounder drone. It is very agile in confined spaces and very quiet thanks to its small size and propellers. We basically use it for real estate photography and for events where the clients request minimum sound levels. It has a 20MP camera with a 1″ sensor and is capable of recording in 4K.